We recommend to confine delivery with the Pizzacarrier to regular customers, who will make use of the board frequently. All other customers get their pizza in the cardboard box.

1) First delivery

The customer gets his first pizza on the board. The board remains with the customer. Additionally an information brochure outlines the system PizzaCarrier. This includes information regarding the deposit for the board. We recommend a deposit of 7 EUR / 10 CHF.

2) Second delivery

Befor the second delivery the customer decides, how he/she wants her pizza to be delivered in future. On the phone she says how she wants it. If she opts for the PizzaCarrier, she pays the deposit upon delivery. In any case the board of the first delivery must be returned upon the 2nd delivery. After a while it becomes clear, which customer prefers the delivery in the cardboard box, and who wants to stick to the PizzaCarrier. In our experience both groups exist in all places.

At the door:

Upon delivery the customer returns the board he/she has. Then the pizza is paid. After payment the pizza courier hands over the pizza on the board to the customer. If more than one pizza is delivered, the courier hands over the complete PizzaCarrier to the customer. She will unpack the pizza at her dinig table and returns the pizzacarrier incl. the covers to the courier at the door. The container and the covers return to the bakery with the pizza courier.