PizzaCarrier - Pizza without cardboard                       Video

Pizza delivery without a one-way box, thats the idea of PizzaCarrier. The PizzaCarrier saves the box for the delivery service and it avoids the rubbish for the customer.

Pizza out of the PizzaCarrier is hotter, fresher and more tasteful than from the cardboard box. And last not least, it just looks so much better on any table. 

Good pizza comes on the table fresh and hot, on a wooden board. 

 Pizza on a wooden board - hot fresh and crispy

The PizzaCarrier consists of three components:

Board: The pizza will be delivered on a wooden board. Compare board.

Container: The thermo container is being used by many professional pizza suppliers. it is practically undestructable. It can be used for all food transport, hot and cold. Compare Container.

Cover: The cover is put over the pizza inside the container. Compare cover.